Our Mission



To develop a healthcare culture that addresses each person as a whole; focuses on injury prevention and reduced re-injury risk; creates a life-time bond between clients and clinicians; develops a personal and professional relationship with patients/clients and their families; and allows for individualized programs based on the most current research that enables each to work towards attaining their functional and recreational goals.


NW PDX - The Pearl - N PDX     - Vernonia -


7am – 5:30pm Mon-Thursday
7am – 3:30pm Fridays


Why Choose Us?

  • Working one-on-one with a Doctor of Physical Therapy

  • Personalized patient care

  • Collaborative treatment

  • Research-based treatment designed to get you better faster

  • Exercise that doesn't necessarily require a gym

  • Preventative health care

  • Family-oriented approach

  • Comfortable setting