Nicolette Way

Front Desk Coordinator

@ Tigard


Nicolette studied film and television production at Los Angeles Community College and she intends to pursue a bachelors in business administration.


Over 5 years of customer service have given Nicolette a fairly rounded perspective on the art of being helpful. Her persistence to continually try new kinds of work have given her an excellent grasp on her strengths of ethic and organization. At the start of 2018 she broke into health care with care giving for disabled and geriatric patients. This new found fulfillment of working to improve others' lives inspired her to find a place she could make an even more impactful contribution - and she's found the perfect opportunity to do so at Whole Body Health Physical Therapy.


If thinking could be considered a hobby, it would be Nicolette's chief consumption. However, when her thoughts manifest themselves in the physical world, they tend to take the form of sculptures, drawings, writing, sewing, and cataloging. Often she'll get a whim to study any subject of passing interest (from the basics of accounting to geography to current advancements in artificial intelligence). Her childhood love of animation matured rather than faded, and she enjoys a good board game with friends.  

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