Sarah Myers, Whole Body Health Physical Therapy, Portland, OR

Sarah Myers

Patient Relations Manager


Sarah graduated from Montana State University in 2014 with degrees in Multi-cultural studies and Spanish. Following college, she became a licensed massage therapist and yoga teacher, quickly developing a passion for body therapy. After recognizing the desire to further her knowledge in the field, Sarah returned to school.  She is currently working towards admission into a doctorate program for physical therapy. 


Prior to her move to Portland in June of 2017, Sarah lived in several cities across the US spanning from Chattanooga, TN to Bozeman, MT. Most recently, she lived in Santa Barbara, CA where she completed 750+ hours of massage training and 550+ hours of yoga teacher training. She plans to continue these studies in Portland. 


Her experience with massage and yoga therapy has provided Sarah with effective techniques for helping others understand and combat their pain symptoms. She is also highly proficient in Spanish and while living in Spain for a year, worked as a translator and tutor for Spanish and English. Sarah has always enjoyed working with kids and has held various roles such as tutor, lifeguard, and camp counselor. She is a long-time volunteer at different special needs clinics, including Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health in Goleta, CA.


In her spare time, you can find Sarah camping with friends, making crafts, or dancing at a concert. She loves dogs, good food and good company.

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