Pets can get PT, too! Kitty cats and doggies don't enjoy pain either.

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Animal physical therapy

There is physical therapy for pets now, too. How purrrr-fect. 

Animal physical therapists (also known as rehabilitation veterinarians) specialize in increasing an animal’s quality of life through massage, ultrasound, laser, and activity. They treat acute and chronic pain presentations, amputations, and post-surgical conditions.

Veterinarians are shifting from immobilization to early movement after surgery. This can promote optimal healing of the surgical procedure, increased muscle mass, decreased pain, and improved function for your pet!

Animal physical therapy

What does it take to become a pet PT? Most animal PT’s are licensed PT’s for humans with a minimum of a master’s degree. Veterinarians, veterinary technicians, or physical therapy assistants with a bachelor’s degree may also work as animal physical therapists.

After becoming a licensed physical therapist, physical therapist assistant, veterinarian, or veterinarian technician, the provider must take continuing education courses specifically for animal treatment.

Is your doggy or kitty in pain? Search for animal rehabilitation in the area! We do not treat animals at Whole Body Health PT, but we would love to look into other physical therapists who do for you. Feel free to reach out to us.

Animal physical therapy
Animal physical therapy
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