Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Management Program

Whole Body Health Physical Therapy, Physical Therapy Clinic, Portland, OR,

Chronic pain affects over 100 million Americans (not including acute pain or children). Yearly healthcare costs associated with chronic pain care can ramp up to an astounding $635 billion per year according to the AAPM. Management of chronic pain requires specialized care by providers in the field and can often be enhanced with a strong team of providers that effectively communicate about the multiple factors that can be affected by these conditions. Self care such as physical exercise, stress management, and relaxation techniques can play a vital part in breaking through the chronic pain cycle. Physical therapy combines multiple treatment approaches to find which best fits your condition and preferences.

Fibromyalgia is a common chronic pain syndrome that affects more than three million people in the United States per year. Fibromyalgia doesn't just affect pain levels, but can also increase fatigue, alter sleeping patterns, and cause memory and mood changes. Whether you are diagnosed with or suspect you have fibromyalgia, physical therapists can help. We are medical specialists that can help treat your symptoms and tailor home programs that address your symptoms while avoiding increased pain and fatigue. With fibromyalgia, specifically, there are specific activity thresholds that cannot be under or over-met. Physical therapy can help you find your specific activity threshold to perform daily activities with increased ease.

At Whole Body Health Physical Therapy, our physical therapists work in conjunction with a great team of other healthcare providers to find what works best for your condition. We also stay up-to-date on the most current research in chronic pain management and use a bio-psycho-social model that helps address multiple factors that may be leading to the continuation of your symptoms. Your physical therapist will track progress, modify exercises as needed, work with other medical professionals to establish continuity of care and address any questions you might have while going through the treatment.

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