Sports Injury and Return-to-Sports Program

Whole Body Health Physical Therapy, Physical Therapy Clinic, Portland, OR

Sports are a great way to stay healthy and create strong social bonds through team spirit and by sharing similar interests, but sometimes they can lead to injury. When injury occurs, it can be difficult getting back to what you enjoy for several reasons which may include pain, swelling, instability, or fear of "getting back on the horse."

Depending on your health insurance requirements, we see people immediately after a sport injury or after visiting a doctor with a referral. When you come to us with or without a referral, we perform an evaluation to determine or confirm your diagnosis. After your first visit, you should have an understanding of the structure(s) involved, the cause of your injury, your general strengths and weaknessew, healing time frames, and if you may need radiograph or MRI imaging. In most cases, conservative treatment (physical therapy) is recommended for 6-8 weeks prior to imaging or potential surgical consult, but this is also case-dependent.

At Whole Body Health Physical Therapy, our Doctors of Physical Therapy are certified or in the process of becoming certified as Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS). Certification requirements are stringent and reflect a full understanding of progression of strengthening, conditioning, plyometric, and agility training for the modern athlete. Strength and conditioning specialists recommend specific sets, repetitions, weight, and exercises that are sport-specific to ensure that your recovery maintains whole body conditioning appropriate for a quick return to sport.

We see clients that participate in a variety of sports. Our therapists interests and sport participation includes running, soccer, biking, rock climbing, and more. We have seen clients that participate in boxing, figure skating, yoga, Jui Jitsu, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, fencing, swimming, and many more. If we don’t frequently work with your sport, we will study and research it to ensure optimal recovery.

Physical therapists are training in running analysis, basic bike fitting, and more. If you think your pain is related to form or mechanics, we are your go-to people.


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