Headache Management Program

Whole Body Health Physical Therapy, Physical Therapy Clinic, Portland, OR

Did you know that some headaches can be caused by your neck alone? A common headache from the neck is a tension-type headache which intermittently affects up to 70% of studied populations and chronically affects 1-3% according to the World Health Organization. Headaches are often misdiagnosed because there are over 100 different types. This can lead to mismanagement with inappropriate medications which can leave the client with confusion and frustration as his or her symptoms worsen or stay the same.

The most common headaches include tension (as previously mentioned), migraines, sinus, cluster, cervicogenic, and mixed headache syndrome. These different headaches can present multiple ways. Some span the forehead. Others stick to only the right or left side of the face and head. There are even headaches that present as pain in the middle of your face. Vision can also be affected by headaches. For example, abnormal vision referred to auras is common with migraines. Physical therapists are trained to listen to your symptoms and perform special testing to help diagnose the proper headache.

Headaches that are associated with your neck can often stem from being in positions that promote poor posture. Over time, this will cause some muscles of the neck and shoulders to become tight while others become weak. Your joints are not able to move in the ranges of motion that keep them healthy and, as a result, they too become stiff and achy. Headaches that derive from the postural issues mentioned can be treated! Once a skilled physical therapist can assess which muscles are tight/weak, which joints are stiff and what muscles are sending pain that are culminating into a headache, the pain will diminish over time,

At Whole Body Health Physical Therapy, we will thoroughly screen your head, neck, upper torso and upper extremities to see if you are appropriate for our Headache Management Program. If appropriate, you will be given an individualized home exercise program that will help give you the power to manage your symptoms and accomplish your goals.

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