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What do I need to come to physical therapy?


The state of Oregon grants direct access to clients for physical therapy. This means that a prescription is not necessary for you to be seen in the clinic. However, please note that your insurance company may require a physician's prescription to cover your visit. Please check with your insurance company to find out your coverage requirements. Despite differences in insurance policies, we are happy to update and collaborate with your healthcare provider regarding your care regardless of your policy.


Please click here to see our "Your First Visit" page for forms at the bottom of the page to print or fax the information necessary for your first appointment. If a printer or fax is not available to you, please arrive 20 minutes early to your initial evaluation to ensure you have the quality time you need with your physical therapist during the initial visit.


It is important that you wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely and allows your physical therapist to see the affected area easily. Generally, it is good to wear shorts and ladies should wear a tank top/sports bra should the affected area include the shoulder or upper/mid/lower back. Comfortable shoe wear is necessary for exercise. If you do not have the required clothing, we do provide shorts, t-shirts and medical gowns as necessary to perform the evaluation.