Here's Just A Sample Of Why We Are Different.

You Are With A Doctor Of Physical Therapy

At Whole Body Health PT we do not have assistants. A Doctor of Physical Therapy will work with you one on one during your rehabilitation process. 

Whole Body Health Physical Therapy, Portland, OR

Whole Body Health Physical Therapy, Portland, OR

Customer Service Is High Priority

With the way healthcare is changing, appointment times are getting shorter and it seems like healthcare providers spend more time typing on a computer than treating. Whole Body Health PT's solution to this problem: continuous access to Doctors of Physical Therapy.  We provide a "client portal" for anyone who works with us. The portal allows you to communicate with you physical therapist even with you're not at the clinic. We use technology, but we keep it to a minimum when you're in the office. We are a hands on therapy center and provide exercises that are specific to your needs. 

We Are Shifting Focus

If you are hurt, we want to treat you. However, Whole Body Health Physical Therapy would like to keep you functioning at the highest level and avoid injuries. We offer a PT Prevention Program that includes yearly check-ups with a Doctor of Physical Therapy and access to a personalized exercise program focused on keeping you out of the clinic.

Whole Body Health Physical Therapy, Portland, OR

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