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Are you currently training for a half marathon? Or would you just like to be a stronger, faster runner? Then the Resilient Runner Training Group is just for you!

What is the training group?

This is a running training group focused on integrating running medicine wellness into a running training program to train for a half marathon. It will include:

  • Dynamic warm up

  • Running work out

  • Cool down

It will incorporate running medicine exercises and form drills geared at encouraging healthy running. It will also target certain muscle groups often inhibited or neglected by runners. Plus, it will provide invaluable running medicine information and training tips.

Who is this training group for?

This training group is designed for the experienced recreational runner who already runs 20-30 miles a week. It's ideal for those who would like to learn about incorporating speed work into their training to improve their overall running performance, fitness, and running wellness.

All the running will be time and effort based, so everyone will start and finish at the same time.

Though it is designed to help a runner train for a half marathon, it is not required that you are signed up for a race in order to participate. It is open and encouraged for both men and women.

When will the group meet?

The training group will meet from March 7 - April 25 on Thursday mornings from 8:30am-10am at Sellwood Park (rain or shine!)

Training group perks!

Participants will also receive:

  • Registration resistance bands

  • Brooks tech running t-shirt

  • Access to MedBridge online exercises

Who is leading the group?

The training group program is written and led by Doctors of Physical Therapy and dual Board-Certified Orthopedic Specialists Jen and Jake, plus Pelvic Floor Health Specialist Kim. All three are certified running coaches.

This is the only running medicine wellness training group in the Portland area! Become a stronger, faster runner by integrating running injury prevention and performance.

Ready to sign up?

Registration is $275 per person for the series. If you are unable to join the group in person but would like the training, please contact Jen at

Resilient Running Group

This includes eight weeks of training plus free resistance bands, access to online exercises, and a free t-shirt!

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