How To Functionally Train Your Hips For Running (Video Included)

Bryan Lang, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Business Owner

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It's All In The Hips

In order to take runners to the next level of strengthening for their sport, you need to exercise them in functional positions. These positions must simulate running while strengthening muscles that many times are weak on runners and result in low back, hip, and knee pain. Below is one exercise that I believe is crucial for returning runners back to their sport with muscles that are much stronger during functional running patterns. 


I like to show exercises more than I like to talk in videos, so here is what I am doing:

  1. Band goes around and above both knees

  2. Put one foot on the wall

  3. Abduct your leg slightly out to the side to place tension on the band

  4. Rock back and forth simulating your stride by pushing off of the wall with the foot that is on the wall

  5. Stop the push-offs and start rotating your leg out to the side against the band

Give this exercise a try. If you don't feel a burn, you're either not human, or you're doing it wrong. If the answer is the latter, click the button below and I can chat with you about what you're doing right or wrong.