How to Make the Most of Your Physical Therapy Session

Author: Justine Cosman, PT, DPT : Doctor of Physical Therapy, Business Owner, Associate Professor, and Blog Contributor. Explores common client questions and helps find solutions for every day functional health concerns, and then some. Loves empowering others, seeking adventure, and learning every day. Learn more about Justine on Google+.

Do you remember everything you are told perfectly? Can you repeat movements after the first time learning them?

I sure can't and, often, we find the answer is "No."

At Whole Body Health Physical Therapy, we strive to empower you with the knowledge and ability to be successful with your treatment. In order for this to be fully successful, we need your help!

Smart Phone. Smart Session.

Your smart phone can become a valuable tool in the PT clinic. Your physical therapist can use this to help give you feedback on your posture, ergonomics, running form.... etc.! These can also be used to capture how to do you exercises, animating them with details to help you remember how to do it and how you shoulder feel.

Give Feedback.

Did your physical therapist geek out and say something that was confusing? Would you like something repeated in a different way? Do you prefer pictures or to do the motion more repetitively?  Do you see something in a different way? Please give your physical therapist feedback! We love to help you understand in a way that works for you.

Ask Questions.

Would you like more information? Are you unsure if something else may be affecting your condition? Would you like different exercises? Feel free to open up new discussions with your physical therapist, as this can only help your care.

Stay Connected.

Even after your time with your physical therapist has ended, keep in touch! If you are active, in-active, or anywhere in-between, there is a high likelihood that you may need physical therapy again. If you have questions about if you should return to physical therapy or need to brush up on some of the tools in your home exercise tool box, we are here for you! Contact us whenever you need us!