Increasing Shoulder Stability Part 2 (With Videos)

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Before you read any further, if you haven't seen Part 1 of this article, you might want to take look that those exercises first before you try out any of these exercises in this article.

If you're looking for challenges specifically for training shoulder stability you want to incorporate uneven surfaces, plyometric activities, and exercises that require the arms to be the stabilizing units during the exercise. The exercise below show some examples:

1. Push Ups on Exercise Ball

This exercise combines using an unstable surface to perform push ups. 

2. BOSU Ball Push Ups Press with Catch

This exercise requires your shoulders to stabilize on an half ball and the use power to press up so that the half ball actually lifts off of the ground. 

3. BOSU Ball Plyometric Push Up Press

A spin off of the last exercise, this exercise requires your shoulders to stabilize the rapid decent of your body after the push up. 

4. Cross Arm Touches

Now the exercises are recruiting your shoulders as a primary stabilizer during an activity that makes your body move. 

5. Ab Wheel Roller 

You won't only just feel this in your abs. Your shoulders have to control the speed of the wheel as your roll further out and then back up.