The Education for Pregnant Women about Physical Therapy is Lacking

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It’s still amazing how little the medical field talks about what women should pay attention to after pregnancy. Below is a summary of findings found from Mary Baldwin University. The important thing to know is that pelvic health physical therapy can help with ALL of these issues!

J.R. Bierlein, L/D/ Shoaf, Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences, Mary Baldwin University, Bay City, Michigan, United States. 

  • 66.7% of women received no education on postpartum symptoms, incontinence or pelvic pain pre-, peri, or postpartum

  • 60% of women had incontinence pre-, peri, or postpartum

  • 46.7% of women reported pelvic pain pre-, peri, or postpartum

  • 53.3%-60% of women reported symptoms interfering with work

This study had 30 female participants of ages 18 and 50 years old and reported their findings within 1 year after their most recent delivery and expressed no additional medical complications.