Brooke Carmen, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS is now an RRCA Certified Running Coach!


"RRCA Certified Coaches work with runners and emphasize the use of intelligent training plans that are based on a scientific body of knowledge and designed to help a runner achieve their goals, while minimizing the risks of injuries."


Brooke Carmen, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS is now an RRCA Certified Coach. With this certification, Brooke has gained extensive experience in developing training programs for non-runners who want to start running up to marathon runners that want to improve their training. If you have a goal to complete your first race (5K up to marathon) and do not know where to start, Brooke can help develop an individualized training program for you to meet a specific goal. This can include guidelines regarding mileage/week, speed and hill training, cross training, and more. Coming to see Brooke for this form of training is successful for injury prevention rather than guidelines with a lower body injury. However, that's the benefit of seeing a physical therapist, as Brooke can help heal a lower body injury prior with physical therapy interventions prior to starting your training.

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